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Water fluoridation became a law in Connecticut on May 18, 1965, initiated by Public Act 156. Public Water Systems (PWSs) serving 50,000 or more were required to begin fluoridation on January 1, 1967, and PWSs serving 20,000 to 49,999 people were required to begin fluoridation on October 1, 1967.

The amount of fluoride in many drinking water supplies is changed to a level to help reduce tooth decay and promote good oral health. Research studies conducted by the CDC, the National Research Council, the U.S. Surgeon General and others has shown that water fluoridation is safe, effective and the best way to improve oral health in a community.



HB 5350 – An Act Concerning the Department of Public Health’s Recommendations on Fluoridation of the Public Water Supply - passed the House and Senate and the Governor signed the bill into law May 2nd! It is now Public Act 16-4 and reads:

Section 1. Section 19a-38 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2016):
A water company, as defined in section 25-32a, shall add a measured amount of fluoride to the water supply of any water system that it owns and operates and that serves twenty thousand or more persons so as to maintain an average monthly fluoride content that is not more or less than 0.15 of a milligram per liter different than the United States Department of Health and Human Services' most recent recommendation for optimal fluoride levels in drinking water to prevent tooth decay.


HHS Fluoride Announcement




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